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About Us

Nisarga Bhraman, as the name suggests is the group of trekking enthusiasts who take utmost pride and joy in the nature wandering. This institution has come into existence on 12th may, 2005. We function on a socio – commercial basis with the sole intention of sticking to the basics and rhythm with the forces of nature. In short there is no source of personal benefit; it completely lies only with success of every intended event undertaken and with having more people by our side as we proceed!

The major activities conducted by us are Trekking, Nature trails, Cycling and Biking, Adventure Sports, Camping, Tours to Wildlife Safaris and Historical Places, Nature Conservation, Social activities. Besides these, we are also trying to learn how to decipher the codes that the twinkling star in the night displays on the canvas of sky (Star gazing).
We are also trying to learn what the birds say when there musical chirps appeals melodiously to our ears and listen and respond to the call of the wild (Birding); we are also trying to learn to survive under the conditions tough to endure and resuscitate (Endurance).
We are also trying to immerse in the glorified history that these paragons of architecture, standing on the sentinels of history are silently narrating (History). We are trying to work for prolonging the inevitable, the dilapidation of these architectural grandeurs (Fort conservations).

Why Nisarga Bhraman???

Have you ever craned up your neck and looked across the street? Have you ever come across the helpless map of emotions on a person’s face? Have you ever from you busy curriculum made an effort to imagine that there happen to be a sect of people who don’t receive even the miniscule of what you do even by giving in double the effort! And they are not privileged enough to be protected under wings of any institution!

We are very proud of our heritage and happen to be in awe of the tactics and the strategic thinking of the rulers of various eras, but how much do we contribute to preserve the very products of the once crafty and valiant thinking?

At Nisarga Bhraman, we make a modest effort to scoop a little of both under our wings and help and improve the dilapidated fortifications, their preservation, cleaning, and hygiene of water resources as well as afforestation in the land sliding zones. All that is required is a little time and generous participation. It is all that can make the difference!

With the right vision and effort, we are anticipating restoring the structures almost to their comparative imposing charm.

As comfortable and serene it might be to stay in the base village of any fort or jungle; the same silence hides within it the shortcomings of even prime necessities! Hence, equally important is the upliftment of the rural conditions of the adjacent remote villages. They already have the way to put up with their life as their ultimate weapon of survival, so without changing their laws and beliefs and with minimum interference in their functioning we try and provide bare basics like utensils, clothes, books, toys and first aid as also inculcating the importance of its utility. Improving the way of lives from both ends by being personally a part of it, taking and keeping a part of life from each other and giving many a smiles which cost nothing, but are of priceless warmth!

We are in the hunt of this very treasure, from fort to fort and from each of its villages!

With the increasing enthusiasm and participation, we intend to flag humanity at every destination within our reach. Like the beginning of everything, from a scratch, this quest has begun!

Come along O Ye comrade!
Come give us a hand…!!
Let us light a bulb, let the darkness fade,
Let us help grow green from the sand.
Let the little ones smile,
when they get something to learn worthwhile.
Let the elderly bless with their wrinkled experienced palms,
As they are yet most useful and helping,
Not entitled to beg for alms!
Let there be light, let there be brightness inside,
the mud laid thatched huts
Let there be unity and togetherness,
Under the nurture of vision and effort,
May the magnificence of the structures cherish!
Come join hands with us, very little of you it takes!
One unanimous cry…
And to your valiance,
A new beginning awakes!

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